Air conditioning energy assessor L3 training.
Air conditioning energy assessor L3 training. Call us on 01225 326 895 for more information.
An insight into the qualification

In order to be able to complete ACRs, candidates need to complete the ABBE L3 diploma in air conditioning energy assessment (ACEA L3).

The air conditioning energy assessor L3 training qualification is comprised of a mix of classroom and distance learning elements, and will ensure that trainees have complied with each of the elements of the national occupation standards (NOS) for L3 air conditioning energy assessment.

Course details

Once candidates have completed the classroom training days, there is one assessment criterion that needs to be completed:

Complete a portfolio of 3 ACRs on all air conditioning systems that candidate will encounter at level 3.

Once candidates have completed the portfolio, they will be awarded the qualification and be ready to practice as an accredited L3 air conditioning energy assessor.

Course prices

The Quidos Air Conditioning energy assessor level 3 training course is £1195.00 ex vat.

*The training prices subject to a registration fee (£200 – £300+VAT applied in all cases)

Course benefits

Government approved
Highly experienced trainers
Industry recognised qualifications


Alternative route to APEL accreditation

As an alternative to our air conditioning energy assessor training course, you could also consider our APEL route to accreditation.

We provide the following route options;

-Non domestic APEL accreditation scheme
-Air conditioning APEL accreditation scheme
-DEC APEL accreditation scheme

Please take a look at our APEL page for more information.

Further information

For further information on the qualification, please download the official ABBE handbook and the Quidos ACEA L3 information sheet from the resources tab on the right hand side of this page.

Alternatively you can speak to a member of the Quidos team by calling us on the number above.

Industry overview

As of January 4th 2011, all air conditioning systems in the U.K. which have an effective rated output of more than 12 kw are required to have had their first energy inspection completed on the units.

Air conditioning inspections can only be completed by qualified and accredited air conditioning energy assessors.

The assessor is required to inspect the air conditioning systems and report on their findings.

Air conditioning systems have been split into various levels of complexity. The level 3 diploma will enable you to complete air conditioning reports on all packaged systems:

This includes split, multi-split and VRF systems.

Air conditioning energy assessor L3 training

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Air conditioning energy assessor L3 training

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