Quidos ECO Software: User Manual

Download the Quidos Eco Scoring Tool User Manual 

Our ECO scoring software is now available within iQ Energy. This enables DEA’s to create ECO calculations that conform with OFGEM regulations.

There will be no additional cost for using this, and it will be accessed via our RdSAP iQ-energy software. When you have lodged an EPC, just click on the “ECO” button, this will enable you to create various scenarios based on ECO recommendations. The output is in XML, PDF, or CSV.

Finally, please ensure that whenever you create an ECO score that your customer details exactly which measures that they wish the score for, ultimately you as an assessor will be liable for the figures you produce. We have provided this software to minimise any likely issues.

Please send any software feedback sent to info@devquidos2.wpengine.com

Quidos Team


For any technical queries, please contact Jonathan Ellis on 01225 326 895 or email jonathan.ellis@devquidos2.wpengine.com

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