The Energy Efficiency Regulations 2015 for private rented property in England & Wales will be introducing the compulsory ‘MEES’ the ‘Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards’ initiative from April 2016 in the commercial & residential private rented sector.

Landlords that have an Energy Performance Certificate below (EPC) below an E rating will need to commit to work to improve the energy performance of a property. If Landlords do not undertake such work they could face heavy penalities.

Please see below dates that highlight how and when such regulations will be implemented.

1 April 2016

A domestic tenant will have the right to request that the energy efficiency improvements from an EPC/ECO report be complete on their homes. Landlords will not be able to refuse consent on a reasonable consent where the tenants can demonstrate funding or willingness to pay. These conditions apply to domestic properties that are let under regulated tenancies & longer term assured also. Exemptions can be made in specific instances where third-party consent is refused (e.g. planning consent).

1 April 2018

it will be illegal to offer new leases of commercial p or residential property that has an EPC rating below an ‘E’. Properties exempt from requiring an EPC for rental purposes under EPB Regulations would be exempt from this requirement. A register of exemptions would be set up to manage these situations.

1 April 2020

This new regulation is going to include all residential privately rented property for which an EPC is a requirement.

1 April 2023

This new regulation will be extended to all residential privately rented tenancies for which an EPC is a requirement.

DCLG have recently released stats that explain the extent of those who will be affected by this new initiative. In England & Wales, 20%-25% of commercial & residential properties in England match or drop below the minimum energy efficiency standards.

The Government has also announced their aim to raise the minimum standard to a D rating by 2025 and a C rating by 2030.

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