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We provide the City & Guilds non domestic energy assessor training course level 3 & 4.

Our award winning courses give you all of the knowledge and experience required to produce non domestic energy performance certificates (EPC)


Course price is £1800+vat
Price INCLUDES awarding body registration fee! (saving you £230+vat)


Register fee included in price
Government approved qualification
Highly experienced trainers
Industry recognised qualifications

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NDEA training dates

NDEA training dates

NDEA training dates

These are just a few of our available dates. Please call us should you require another date.

Course price

The Level 3 and Level 4 training course fee is £1,800+VAT.

You also have the possibility to only attend the L3 training course which is the first 3 days of the full 5 day training course.

The course includes:

Interactive training
Friendly tutorials
Live property assessments training
Software training
Full registration with the City & Guilds or ABBE and assessment fees
Training Manuals and Learning resources
Guide and mentor through surveying properties
Free Refreshments throughout the course

Course details

Since October 2008, all non domestic properties put up for either sale or rent within the U.K. require an energy performance certificate (EPC)

The EPC provides an overview of the building’s energy performance and helps owners and occupiers make their buildings more energy efficient.

Non domestic buildings have been split into various level of complexity. The level 4 diploma will enable you to complete EPCs on all buildings without “frequently occurring characteristics”.

This encompassed approximately 25% of the commercial market.

The qualification comprises of a mix of classroom and distance learning elements and ensures that trainees have complied with each of the elements of the national occupation standards (NOS)

-The classroom element lasts an initial five days
-The training days focus on both L3 and L4 systems on non domestic buildings.

Once the classroom days are complete, there are two additional assessment criterias

-Complete a portfolio of 5 EPCs on a range of non domestic properties (data collected can be used for the portfolio work, however additional work is required at home)

-Submit supporting portfolio evidence

Once candidates have completed the portfolio successfully, they will be awarded the qualification and be ready to join an accreditation scheme and then practice as a non domestic energy assessor.

Please note that these qualifications can be completed with ABBE and with City & Guilds.

The structure of the portfolio depends on the Awarding body used. Generally in London, candidates will be asked to work with the City and Guilds portfolio structure.

Course day by day breakdown

Commercial Energy Assessor Training (NDEA) Level 3&4 / 5 Day

(Course title: 6361-04 Level 4 Diploma in Non-Domestic Energy Assessment)

This course will enable you to qualify as a Level 3 and Level 4 Commercial Energy Assessor. It makes sense to qualify to up to Level 4 as this will give you access to all Commercial Buildings requiring EPCs. This course is designed for new entrants with no previous experience necessary. There is no exam; however you will be expected to produce a Portfolio of 5 sample surveys to demonstrate your competence. We will supply you with two of these buildings during the course. The Commercial Energy Assessor role is challenging yet satisfying as you will be inspecting many varied buildings and producing Energy Performance Certificates in a professional environment. Green Deal Advisors will need to be Qualified NDEAs. The progress is totally up to the learner but can be completed in less than 2 weeks and we will help progress learners to achieve their goals.The cost of the course includes training, assessment, the certification fee and all course material, along with refreshments throughout the day.

Day 1

Welcome and Introductions
Business Opportunity
Building and Construction Types
Course, Structure, Administration and Organisation
Age of construction, modifications etc
Data collection. Site notes survey sheets, photos, evidence requirements
Day 2

Mechanical and Electrical services recognition for simple commercial properties
Software Training
Types of Heating
Natural ventilation
Mechanical ventilation
Renewable energy sources
Control systems
Day 3

ISBEM training
Data input
Reading Architects Drawings
Tendering, Pricing
Portfolio planning
Day 4

Survey of Building
Data entry into software
Advanced data input into iSBEM
Day 5

Portfolio Guidance
Recap of training


New entrants to the industry will need to complete and qualify using our combined NDEA training course over 5 days.
The course requires pre-course reading and preparation/assessment prior the required attendance for the training.
The course requires a good level of English and report writing skills
The course requires a good level IT skills and computer use
Students will need to have access to e-mail and internet at their home.

Do I have to produce a portfolio?

All learners produce a portfolio of evidence that they have acquired the required knowledge and have carried out 5 inspections to the standard. The external verifier from City & Guilds checks this before they will issue certificates.



ABBE qualification handbook
Quidos NDEA L3 & L4 training factsheet


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