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On Construction accreditation

The Quidos on construction accreditation scheme allows on construction energy assessors to carry out domestic SAP (standard assessment procedure) assessments and lodge SAP reports.

Our on construction energy assessor accreditation scheme offers first rate representation, customer service and domestic energy assessor technical support.


Membership fee is £5 per month (excluding vat).

On construction SAP (standard energy procedure) report cost is £6 for each report (excluding vat).

This price is also excluding £1.30 landmark or £1.15 EST industry standard register fee respectively.

An annual licence for our SAP software for on-construction energy assessors costs £130 including vat. This gives you access to both versions of the software featured below.

PLEASE NOTE: We provide SAP 2009 only. You will be able to upload your SAP 2009 reports to our SAP 2012 software when we are approved for SAP 2012 in the coming months.


FREE PI & PL insurance cover included
FREE highly professional & knowledgeable technical support
Leading software options
Competitive SAP lodgement rates
Assessor ID card
Also lodge standard EPCs via our RdSAP lodgement software

Additional information

SAP software download

On construction accreditation

Our SAP software, or our demo version is available here and is available for England, Wales, Northern Ireland & Scotland.

Pricing information

On construction accreditation

Members will be invoiced for the cost of their reports at the end of each month.

Documents required

On construction accreditation

Qualification certificate
Driving licence
Complaints procedure (we provide a template)
Passport style photo for ID card
Evidence of at least 10 hours of CPD (we provide you with guidelines)
Copy of recent bank statement or blank cheque (for confirmation of direct debit account)

If you are a SAP assessor who will be visiting site, you will need to send us a basic DBS disclosure (formerly CRB). Please take a look at our guidelines.

If you are not visiting site, you will not be required to send us a DBS disclosure.

Terms & conditions

On construction accreditation

Read our terms & conditions

About SAP

On construction accreditation

The standard assessment procedure (SAP) is the methodology used by the government to evaluate and also compare the environmental performance and energy performance of dwellings.

The function of SAP report is to provide both reliable and accurate assessments of the energy performance of dwellings that are needed to compliment energy and environmental policy initiatives.

SAP calculations for existing buildings in the UK

On construction accreditation

For SAP calculations for existing buildings in Scotland,  the Complete Picture software will cover all your needs until  October 1st when the building regulations are updated from SAP 2009 to SAP2012.

After this point the reports for building control may need to be submitted in SAP2012 format.

If you you need to produce reports in SAP2012 format then please look at our SAP partners below here, who have compliant software.

Do take a look at their respective websites  and have a look at their key features;

For Energy Design Tools   http://www.energydesigntools.co.uk/

Please contact support@energydesigntools.co.uk

For JPA  http://www.techlit.co.uk/

Please contact support@techlit.co.uk

When you contact the above providers. please advise them that you have been referred by the Quidos accreditation scheme. These software providers will require information to ensure that you are set up correctly.

PLEASE NOTE: We provide SAP 2009 only. You will be able to upload your SAP 2009 reports to our SAP 2012 software when we get approval for SAP 2012 at the end of December 2015.

Need SAP calculations?

If you are just looking to produce a SAP calculation only? then please take a look at our SAP software 



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