Helpful information

A Polite Notice – All assessors

We would like to remind assessors that any lack of professionalism whilst using Quidos Technical Support, or Quality Assurance, will not be tolerated.

The use of bad or threatening language will result in Technical Support being withdrawn from the assessor in question.

Any members found not to be ‘Fit and Proper’ to be an Energy Assessor will have their membership revoked.


Non-Domestic Assessment Level – NDEA EPC L3/4/5

We have produced the following technical help sheet to aid Non-Domestic assessors in deciding which assessment level a building should follow.

This information has been extracted from the Non-Domestic EPC Conventions and should be a handy guide to make a decision about the buildings you might encounter. NDTS001: WHAT ASSESSMENT LEVEL?


QA Standards for NDEAs – NDEPC, DEC, ACR Assessors

We are currently in the process of finalising a revised QA Standards document which will cover all Non-Domestic strands. This will also include revised evidencing checklists for each strand to ensure all assessors are aware of what is required to be upload for audit.

We aim to have this completed and released for the end of September.

Stock Images – All Assessors

Within the QA department, we have investigated a number of occurrences of stock image usage over the past few months.

We have put together the following guidance on how we investigate stock image usage, as well as explain the ultimate cost to your business they can be.



ECO Scoring Tool (Heating Systems) – DEA/ECO Installers

The ECO Scoring tool is a great function that we make available to our users, however, we get many queries about what the correct measure entries should be, particularly for the heating system.

Our Technical Help sheet TS004 outlines all of the heating options with the ECO Scoring tool, with the measure name and what they actually mean.



New RdSAP Conventions – DEAs

The newest set of RdSAP Conventions (version 9) has been released and will be in use from 1st October 2016. The updates amend some of the Convention wording, as well as clarify any grey areas.

To aid assessors, we have produced a mandatory learning module that appears in your iQ-Energy Control Panel. PowerPoint or the PowerPoint Viewer will be needed to view this, however it also works in Google Slides.

Whilst not considered as CPD, all assessors are requested to complete the module and mark it as completed. It is your best interests to complete the module as it will directly impact on any future QA checks. A quiz is also be available to check your learning.

The new Conventions must be used for all lodgements from 1st October 2016. Until that date, the current version will be used for QA purposes and must be used for all lodgements.

The Conventions are applicable to all DEAs, irrespective of national region.

Download an additional copy of the learning module HERE

Take the new conventions quiz HERE

Download your copy of the conventions HERE

Accessible versions are available on request.

Convention in Focus – DEAs

The Convention in Focus of this Technical Bulletin is Convention 2.08 – Whole dwelling or building part within a roof.

We frequently receive technical queries about this scenario and this guide should help to outline how to use the Convention appropriately.

Download convention in focus: Convention 2.08 HERE

Mobile App (Apple/Android) – DEAs

Over the last couple of months, we have really appreciated the feedback from DEAs about issues with the mobile app, particularly for Apple devices.

We have been able to resolve a number of these issues, as well as introduce new functionality.

Over the next month, we will be releasing an updated user guide for the iPad app, as well as a new app update introducing addenda and hard to treat cavity functionality.

Please ensure that you keep your software up-to-date (iOS, Android), and regularly back-up your data to prevent the app from crashing.