TM44 compliance training for air conditioning energy assessors

Any accredited AC inspectors regardless of which accreditation scheme they belong to or which approved software they use.

This is a practical course that will be invaluable to all involved in AC inspections. The topics will be covered in depth using techniques and language that will be easy to remember.  Above all this course will be fun as well as contributing to CPD!

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We also provide TM44 Air conditioning accreditation

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Essential elements of a TM44 compliant report.

-How to be competitive, cost effective and TM44 compliant.
-How to showcase your skills as an accredited AC assessor (to the QA auditor and your client!).
-How to spot common pitfalls and avoid them.
-How to use lodgement software to best advantage saving you time and money.
-Excelling at the quality audit – practical hints and tips.


A one day course which will be hands on and will involve lots of practical exercises to reinforce the information being delivered. This will be a fun and interactive course that will ensure that inspectors are well equipped to produce excellent reports for the benefit of their business and their clients.


Catherine Simpson, CEng, C.Env. FCIBSE, FEI.  Catherine has been involved with energy consultancy since undertaking her Masters degree in energy and buildings at Cranfield University in 1986.

Catherine has been a director of Building Simulation Ltd for 24 years and has been involved in the design of key projects such as Bluewater shopping centre in Kent, the Urbis centre in Manchester, Gloucester Quays and the Westfield centre at White city.

For the past 3 years Catherine has undertaken training and APEL accreditation of air conditioning inspectors, undertaken quality audits of air conditioning reports on behalf of Quidos and has been actively involved with CIBSE to update and revise TM44.


£195 + VAT to include refreshments, materials and light lunch.


10.00 am to 4.30 pm.

You can discuss this course with a member of the Quidos team by on 01225 326 895 or email

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