Urgent technical bulletin. Please read: 9.91 EPCs & their use for ECO 2 scoring.

Urgent bulletin: 9.91 EPCs & their use for ECO 2 scoring

Last week it was brought to the attention of Quidos that 9.91 EPC’s (EPC’s lodged before 7th December 2014) should not be used for ECO 2 scoring.
After a discussion with both DECC & OFGEM and our customers regarding the huge impact that this would cause within the ECO industry, it has been agreed that Ofgem will accept measures installed and scored from an RdSAP 9.91 EPC, until 8th May 2015.  
However, for any ECO funded measure completed after 8th May 2015, the property must have been assessed using RdSAP 9.92.
Please double check your outstanding ECO property portfolio.

For ECO measures where work has not been completed and where the property has been assessed using RdSAP 9.91, you will need to re-visit and re-assess the property using RdSAP 9.92, prior to installing the measure(s). 
If you install the measure(s) and the property has a 9.91 EPC, it will be impossible to create a 9.92 EPC based on the original property. This is because EPBD regulations do not allow this. Meaning that the funding application will fail.
Please note that for Green deal applications, an RdSAP 9.91 assessment can still be used. This change only affects ECO funding.
It should be noted that Quidos does not agree with this policy change and we will continue to lobby on your behalf to allow 9.91 EPC’s to be used post 8th May.


The Quidos technical team.


For any technical queries, please contact Jonathan Ellis on 01225 326 895 or email jonathan.ellis@devquidos2.wpengine.com

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